Be Organic,but be peaceful

Updated: Oct 14

We walk in life, every step one foot in front of another , hardly losing balnance. We breath everyday, think everyday, all these things are organically done so that your life can go on in the manner that you wish. Being organic is somehting that as humans and other beings that we coexist with, do without cuase. So why are we so stuburn as humans to use things that are organically grown to help the future? Being organic is being you, how you came here in this life. Being organic is not letting the world dictate the peace that you search for, no matter who you are as long as that journey is not harmful to others. Being organic is a continuous development, it is to each individuals chance to become whole with his or hers surroundings.

So be Organic, Be Peaceful and make Treaties of some form of Peace everyday.

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